About schauerco

Alex Schauer is an international brand messaging expert for multi-million dollar companies and a personal brand strategist for CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and a Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group, she has helped hundreds of companies and their executives create messaging to drive their marketing efforts. She specializes in increasing visibility and awareness while crafting compelling copy to drive bottom-line profits. She is the founder of a sought-after consultancy Schauer Branding Co. She serves a variety of businesses, including manufacturing, SAAS, Direct Sales, and the natural product industry. Many of her clients have experienced massive results, including a 417% increase in online revenue for a multi-generational business, 3x revenue for a marketing agency, and numerous double revenue increases. Alex is an expert in marketing and messaging. As part of a second-generation family business, she understands the unique challenges business owners face when co-workers and employees share your last name. She speaks on and strategizes to grow family businesses by leveraging their long-standing reputation to increase their revenue.